International Women's Day '20

This International Women’s Day, HANYA is proclaiming for you to “Hold her crown up for her even when she falls” . A mantra that HANYA purposefully adapts into their everyday lives from business practices, to social interactions. Too often we fall into the trap of comparing ourselves with our peers, a very human-like curiosity on how we measure up against each other. And let’s be honest, sometimes in our deepest hearts, for just a fleeting moment, we secretly wish we had their hair colour, their skin tone, their new designer bag, their travel itinerary and the list goes on. But here at HANYA we adamantly advocate that we are not rivals, we are allies, and there is space for both queens to shine at the top.  Having a tribe or support system is imperative, but there is also power in the individual - for when she stands up for herself, inadvertently she is giving voice to the voiceless, and holding up the crown for us all.

HANYA strongly believes that inclusivity should be intentional. Little steps and measures to break down barriers and adversity either single-handedly or as a collective will pave the paths for everyone else. We made sure we included representations of all race, gender, orientation, age and walks of life. Our only requirement for choosing these personalities is that you have to be an advocate for women. These people include Sarah Khoo, Bibian Leong, Rathika Sheila, Hafreez Amminuddin, Sarah Rostam, Penny Choo, Engku Lok Lok, Leagha McMahon, and the women of HANYA themselves - Veen Dee Tan and Jaja Anuar. 


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