Covid-19 Rescue

In this COVID-19 pandemic, we see people who have caught the virus, who didn’t believe they could get it. We see people who have the virus who still have a family to take care of. We see people who are still working at grocery stores and hospitals, deliveries and everything in between, still hanging on by a thread, trying to take care of our society.
If we want things to go back to the way they were and feel “normal” again, we need to do our part and stay at home. We need to understand the people who are trying to keep us together, while we spend time apart. We need to understand the people who have been affected by the virus and how–no matter who you are, what your age is, or what your health is like–anyone is at risk. #hanyadudukrumah
We are all scared, stocking up, and panicked. We hope the sound of our love for one another is so loud it looks like small acts of kindness for each other and can be heard reverberating through our streets, shuttered business, and empty parking lots just like the Italians in the city of Assisi. 
In the darkness of chaos, let us be the light to guide those who are in need. This is a list of rescue funds to ease the needed and front liners who put their family behind to keep us safe. Please share with us if there are any more rescue/relief funds so we can put them on this page too. :)
With this, Tenaganita, along with our friends at Refuge For The Refugees, Dapur Jalanan Kuala Lumpur and Liga Rakyat Demokratik are joining hands to raise RM30,000 to support 500 refugee families. The money will go towards providing each family with a RM60 grocery pack consisting of provisions for the next 2 weeks. - Donate now
Groceries to the less fortunate - Donate now
The vulnerable communities who are affected by COVID-19 i.e. the refugees, elderly citizens, low-income families, immobile and underprivileged communities really need our help. The Malaysia healthcare system i.e. the hospitals, Klinik Kesihatan and the frontline staffs who are working 24 hours 7 days a week need our support and assistance. We need your support to reach out to them all. Let's do this together. - Donate now
Urgent appeal from @thelostfoodproject #fooddrive and #fundraising appeal during #covid19 Help us help those most in need during these difficult times. - Donate here 
Donates medical supplies to front liners - Donate here
SPK is committed to support and get those who are financially-impacted or in vulnerable circumstances to get through these extraordinary times. Among them: the elderly and the low income families. We recognise there will be many who will need additional support and reassurance. - Donate now
Provides the poor a steady meals every month to avoid children quitting school to provide for the family - Donate here
Please do not hesitate to email, text or DM us on any other relief funds that needed to be heard, help. 
We will get through this, together.  
Meanwhile, stay home, stay safe. 
With love, 
Hanya Fam

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