The pandemic has been forcing us all  to stay at home along with our professional lives. Even before having to WFH, separate lives for work and personal life is extremely crucial to avoid burning out.  But right now, it’s even harder for us to separate work and life because it’s all jumbled up. Worst if we are working in an organization that thinks WFH is a form of holiday (screams internally IT IS NOT). 

So our job here is to remind you (and believe it or not, ourselves too) how important it is for us to have healthy boundaries between work life and personal life. So what do we do to make sure we don’t burn out and ace the WFH game? 

  1. Get grounded

Try not to roll out of bed and turn on the laptop the minute you open your eyes . Start off your day by taking a quick shower, make yourself a cup of coffee that you’ll desperately need and read a chapter of your currently favourite book.


  1. Time to get organised!

Get your daily journal ready and jot down what you need to do today (best before the end of everyday) — meetings, deadlines. Or if you prefer doing it the digital way, organise your Google Calendar. Insider tips: We find it extremely useful to have our outfit sorted the night before so no more wasting our time or starting our day with a messy wardrobe. 

  1. Separate place for work

Although it sounds merely simple and you may wonder how can this even affect me? Trust us, it can. By having a designated space to do work, it does not have to be a big one — maybe that little corner desk that no one really uses is good enough.

      4.  Set your boundaries straight

It’s important to communicate with your roommates, significant others or family. Straighten out your needs — tell them that you need some alone time to focus on this project. By communicating, we all can limit unwanted issues especially during video calls.

  1. Get creative

We all know during lunch breaks at the office, we would take some sweet time to ourselves by grabbing our favourite meal or even catching up with a friend over lunch. Now that we’re all at home, don’t be afraid to dial a quick call or give some reward to yourself by putting on a quick tv show while cooking for lunch. You totally deserve it!

  1. Take breaks

We understand, our eyes get overwhelmed by staring at the screen for too long. Take short but frequent little breaks throughout the day. Do some light stretches while you’re doing some thinking, close your eyes for a minute, give some love to your cat right next to your laptop. 

  1. Leave your workspace when you would leave the office

Get up from your workspace or if it’s too hard — give yourself the excuse to stop doing work after working hours. Tell yourself that you need to cook for dinner or do some unfinished chores (like that huge pile of dirty laundry, it's ok we understand).

We certainly hope that this short read helps you as much as it helps us to realise that we should prioritise ourselves more. Long hours does not mean higher productivity and we too deserve some time for ourselves.