Our Purpose and Intentions

At Hanya, we strive to be better humans for the environment.
We feel responsible to do our part - minimizing waste, reducing our footprint and educate others to do the same.
We put in a lot of thoughts and effort in making our packagings reusable and convenient for your everyday use. Minimal waste is what we aim for when it comes to our packaging - from our dust bag to our face mask packagings.
We don’t just focus on its beauty, how it pleases the eyes but the functionality is just as important to us. We acknowledge the harm plastic does to our planet. Therefore we try to reduce the use of plastics in any of our packagings.
Our clothes are all nicely packed inside Hanya’s reusable dust bag. It can easily be reused not just to keep your clothes clean but also to keep your camera, cables or undergarments when travelling. 

All our Hanya basic face masks comes with a reusable ziplock bag. The convenience of our packagings like the reusable ziplocks were made for you to keep in your bags, your car or even to store make up brushes. The protective inner layer makes it easier for you wipe off.
Most of your packages normally comes with our recyclable tissue paper as an additional way to protect the clothes. These are just our reminders to you, to not dispose of our packagings irresponsibly. Be creative, show us how you reuse them and let’s all be better humans!
Hanya is far from completely eradicating the harmful side effects of fast fashion, but still, this is an initiative we are proud to take part in towards a greener manufacturing practice.