Hanya emphasizes the importance of the creative process. From a seedling of an idea to it being exacerbated into something you can’t stop thinking about, something that becomes bigger than you, and every thought, inspiration, and visual gets pinned on a mood board. The team behind Hanya goes through meticulous rounds of sampling until the product comes to life.

Our passions have been successfully proved by our collaborations with Fuzana Mokhtaza for our Raya 2020 collection as well as an international beauty company, Sephora. 


RAYA 2021

Hanya x Fuzana Mokhtaza

Our one of a kind, homegrown Raya collection with Fuzana Mokhtaza - an architect turned fashion designer was called the Lucid Dream. A sentimental collection that focuses on the buttery softness and glistening dreamlike fabric material of the garments that are guaranteed to make you gleam and glimmer.

First Local Collaboration from Sephora

Hanya x Sephora

Hanya was also the first ever local brand to have collaborated with Sephora. We beautifully created Limited Edition headscarves for our collaboration, Allies in Symmetry.  A partnership that Hanya is extremely proud of because cosmetics and accessories are like sisters, perfectly aligned, perfectly congruent.