Hanya Upcycle

After taking a hard look in the mirror and taking stock of their own unsold products, Hanya is launching an Upcycle Collection with a clear goal to do their part in aiming towards sustainability. Their past collections that have remained on the shelves and have experienced low sell-through rates (STR) are being given a second life, a second chance and a second home. Hanya has taken these designs and has revived it with added embellishments, improved enhancements or have completely rebirth a new design all together so that these fabrics don’t end up being disposed of in burning landfills. 


“Maybe other fashion companies are tight lipped about their low STR (sell-through rate) with certain collections,” said Hanya’s Co-Founder Veen Dee Tan, “But I believe in transparency. Some of these items have remained on our shelves for almost a year, and the industry practice is to dispose and burn but it hit me that this is an opportunity and rather than disposing of it and harming our environment further, my design team and I have breathed new life into these pieces and created a category that will make sure we stay closer to our core”. The millennial consumers are a lot more in tuned with purposeful fashion, and find themselves being loyal to companies that mirror their own green consciousness. And it is not about a trend-based marketing strategy, but rather a pledge Hanya has undertaken with all their upcoming collections that sees an STR of below 40-55%, to upcycle the remaining items into new exciting pieces that gets a second chance. And although Hanya is far from completely eradicating the harmful side effects of fast fashion, this is an initiative on their part towards a greener manufacturing practice.  

Peace and love,