Hanya x Fuzana Mokhtaza

Fuzana Mokhtaza presents

Lucid Dreams

The budding duo from Kedah Fuzana Mokhtaza and Hanya  strongly believe in the spirit of festivities and the show must go on. “The first Syawal is still first Syawal” as Fuzana quotes “ The activity of going to the mosque for morning prayers, tasting that first bite of Rendang and dressing up in a new tradition set is a tradition that still needs to go on, no matter the situation as it’s something that just hits close to home” she continues. 

Hanya decides to bring back the mood that we could not experience last year and to get people out of their Covid slump and joins forces with architect graduate turn bridal fashion designer Fuzana Mokhtaza as they both come together with their one of a kind homegrown Raya collection called Lucid Dreams.

A sentimental collection that focuses on the buttery softness and glistening dreamlike fabric material of the garments that are guaranteed to make you gleam and glimmer under the sun whether if you’re walking, running or even relaxing due to its various soft and bold colour palettes provided. The collection was also curated to make the wearer feel comfortable, glamorous and part of the occasion. It’s all in the details, all the way from the puffed and ribboned sleeves to the varying necklines and embellishments.

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Meet Fuzana Mokhtaza

Hanya for women, by women. This is something that we preach since the inception of brands, and do. When women supports each other, beautiful things happen. And this collection, we focus on allyship and sisterhood.

For 2021 Raya Campaign, Hanya has put together a one of a kind collection called "Lucid Dreams" in a collaboration with a local designer and fellow powerhouse from Kedah, Fuzana Mokhtaza.