Hanya Machino

The Special Guest - Machino

With Merdeka and Malaysia Day coming up it also provides a backdrop for our upcoming drop. Hanya is teaming up with two women-led local brands, Machino for shoewear and Self Supply for homeware, to further emphasize our core value of making space for others, especially women, to join us at the top. We are advocates for empowering other women, and advocates of being allies rather than adversaries, so these two collaborations are very dear and special to us.

Machino was established in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. Inspired by the diversified multicultural society of Malaysia, the brand name is curated from the races of Malaysia - Malay, Chinese, Indian & Others! They have designed their shoes carefully and delicately becoming the FIRST thick-foam insole in Malaysia. Their motto is to celebrate the things and colors around us in Malaysia and to portray Malaysian stories on the shoes.

Meet the Machino Girls - Esther & Amy

The sisters have been able to work seamlessly together to develop their brand and business. Esther handles operations and production, Amy works on marketing and PR, and they both collaborate on creative elements such as content creation and shoe design. In the future, they hope to open their own brick-and-mortar store in the heart of Kuala Lumpur so tourists will also have a chance to experience local culture in a different way. “We want to be more than just Buatan Malaysia,” adds Amy. “We want to use our shoes to introduce our culture and heritage to the world.”