We know, It’s extended, again. It’s devastating, and disappointing, but we know we have said this before, but we got it. We can do it because we have each other. As much as we loathe social events (love hate relationship, really), but we do miss doing things together.  
We miss our game nights with friends on weekends, working out together and the list goes on and on. So, how can we stay connected while also continuing [and trying] to have the best times with our loved ones during this lockdown? (In short, stay sane). 


  1. Virtual Facetime

Prop up your phone and have  lunch together with your friends and family. Especially when you live alone, it does help to ease our loneliness, trust us, we have tried and it is pretty nice to have another person to talk to during meal time. 


      2. Movie Nights 

Most of us have used Netflix Party before, if you haven’t you should definitely try it out! You’ll feel like the old times, watching movies together with friends on weekends. 

Hacks: Turn on your zoom, share screen, and watch a movie together! 


      3. Virtual Workout

We understand, working out alone can sometimes be quite demotivating. You’ll probably give excuses to yourself and you’ll end up laying on the yoga mat instead of actually working out [don’t worry, you’re not alone]. So, when you workout with your friends, you can motivate each other to do better and it will definitely be much more exciting.


       4. Limit your Social Media Exposure

This is obvious, we all have social media and we all tend to update at least once every other week. There’s pros and cons -- we will definitely know what our loved ones are up to. But, sometimes it can get hard to look at how others are spending their time in lockdown, some are doing pottery and posting their workout routines while some [and also us] just watching Netflix. So, we recommend you to limit it to ensure that you won’t get overwhelmed.


      5. Don’t Cancel your Parties!

Don’t let the lockdown cancel your birthday party! Do a Zoom call with your loved ones and if you’re feeling extra, send them some fun gift box and food. We loveeeeee a good dress up party. Sometimes we have pyjamas meetings and it makes our meetings a little more fun!


     6. Check on your People

Pick up the phone and dial up. Every weekend (or any day, really), set a day and time with your friends to do mental health check up calls. 

Calls like these will make you and your friends feel important and heard. It’s the little thing that matters. And at the end of the sessions, friends can give advice and motivational words to uplift your mood.


If you feel like you’re in need of emotional support, do call these mental health organisations. 


Befrienders: 03-76272929 [24 hours]

Talian Kasih: 15999  [24 hours]

Lifeline Association of Malaysia:  03-42657995