Hanya Eid Serein '20

Breathe and Build Anew - Serein 

HANYA Eid Raya 2020

Serein refers to rain falling from a cloudless sky. This sort of rain is said to take on the form of a fine, light drizzle, typically after dusk. The name derives from French serein, meaning "serene", or "clear" (as in unclouded). This feeling of a quiet, hopeful presence symbolizes the inspiration behind Hanya Serein Raya 2020 especially in light on all that has faced us in the last few months. Hanya Serein Raya is the calm after the storm, the light drizzle and the moment of peace and clarity before we rebuild anew and reincarnate the new normal. It is not about looking back on what was, it is about looking forward and the rebirth. It is about collective healing, and Hanya is confident that we will all persevere and come out of this stronger, together. 

“Hanya Serein Raya is about being unclouded, and with purpose, which is what I want the women wearing these pieces to feel,” said Hanya Co-founderm Veen Dee Tan. “It is on us now to rebuild and we all need to breathe and build anew, for the sake of our communities.”

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