Hanya Essentials

Hanya’s Essentials —

For every version of you.

Here at Hanya, we believe people have different versions of themselves. Some days we’re motivated and full of energy but other days… not really. Your view of essentials might differ every time. But we want this collection to help you to understand better and ask yourself what really is essential to you? Are your minimum needs of essentials being prioritized enough to make your life more functional and bearable? 

And for you to know that, we accept you. We accept all of these little quirks you have learned to nurture and love that have made you who you are. No one on this planet has the right to judge you and even if they do, don’t ever let it affect you. We want you to remember how important it is to never lose yourself in this world full of noises. 

For the good and the bad, Hanya accepts every version of you. Leave the wardrobe essentials to us while you take care of the rest.