Hanya Friends




Get in Friends, we're going Shopping! 

Our Purpose 

We are looking for creative, energetic and outgoing content creators within our community, who simply love and align with our brand.
We are here here to discover and support by providing accessibility and a platform for you!
We can't wait to help you discover your creative potential and we're so glad to be a part of your journey.
Once we are Friends, all you need to do is start sharing your Hanya content on your socials! ♡
#FriendsOfHanya @shophanya


How it Works? 

  1. Sign up and fill up the form below
  2. Give us some time to get to know you (full disclosure: we are looking for quality content)
  3. Once we're Friends, you will receive an email with all the details
  4. Start creating content with the Hanya pieces you love with #FriendsOfHanya @shophanya
  5. As our friendship grows, you will be hand-picked and invited exclusively to our extended paid affiliate program




☆ Do I need a certain amount of following?

No, we don't look at your following, we will be assessing you on the quality of your content and its engagement.

☆ Which region of residency is eligible?

We are only accepting these regions (Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia) at this time. But do look out as we expand our horizons. Shipping fee is applied when store credit is used.

☆ Does my social media accounts need to be public?

No, it can be a private account, but if you chose to remain this way you will need to submit your content to us for assessment on a monthly basis.

☆ Will I get paid?

Yes and no. If your content is truly consistent and engaging and is performing well, you will be hand-picked and invited exclusively to our extended paid affiliate program.

☆ Returns and exchange

We don't accept any returns unless the item(s) is/are faulty.

☆ More questions?

There will be three tiers. Friends with benefits, Part-time friends and Full-time friends.