We know there are times when we get extremely overwhelmed. Either with work, personal life or anything really. And oftentimes, when we feel like it’s a bit too much, we have no idea how to cope.

We’re here to remind you that it is normal to feel this way. To feel like there’s nothing more we can do to fix this. But believe us, things will be okay soon.

Here are a few tips from us to you.

1. Breathing exercises

When we feel overwhelmed, the first thing we should do is to calm and stabilise our breathing. There are multiple breathing techniques that could help and one of them is called Square Breathing Exercise. 

2. Write it out

Write yourself an affirmation note. Write out what’s bothering you and this will help you to see your problems clearly on how you can solve this. Remind yourself that whatever you’re going through now, will end.

3. Declutter

When it gets too much, we don’t even know how to think straight. And this is where we should start to declutter both mentally and digitally. Stop thinking of things that shouldn’t matter at this moment and focus on how you can solve or make it better for yourself.

As for digitally, sometimes seeing hundreds of files and notifications can make us feel overwhelmed. Clear out unnecessary documents, notifications and emails.

4. Communicate

Communicating is important. In whatever situation you’re overwhelmed in, there will be people who can help to ease your burden. If its at work, you can start by delegating and prioritising your workload. If it’s at home, communicate with your significant other or family. Let them know why you’re struggling. 

5. Map your progress

This is something you can do once you feel like the weights have been lifted off your shoulders. To put in perspective how you managed to get through hard times.

We think this exercise can be really useful for us to know how to handle future situations better. And to be proud of ourselves that we handled it gracefully.