Sometimes we all just need to be reminded of the little things. Now that it’s near Merdeka, we would like to highlight and give you more reasons why we should do our part in supporting the local community. And how this actually contributes and helps you and the planet.

  1. Way less packaging

Limited packaging and you can always opt to bring your own reusable bags and containers.

      2. Way more fun experience

Honestly these days, we barely go out. Why not make everyday mundane things an exciting experience and romanticise your life? Go out to your nearest local grocer or wet market!

      3. Fresher finds

Go to the market for the freshest finds. Most of the time, the food was picked from the same week. Talking about fresh foods, imagine how long our food has been stored on the shelves plus the transportation time? 

      4. Buying local is ACTUALLY good for the planet

How? Less packaging, minimal distance travelled which reduces the use of fossil fuels, carbon footprint and these all directly contribute to our air quality.

      5. Support your locals

When you buy local, it really stays local. We’re helping families, indirectly creating more job opportunities and overall helping our own local community. These reasons are a huge deal on why we all should really buy local.