Dressing modestly can be absolutely modern and cool with layering. But sometimes, we too get a little overwhelmed on how to start. So, we’re here to give you a little guide on how to style modern modesty with Hanya.

  1. Scarves

Scarves are extremely versatile when it comes to the final outcome - from turban to loosely wrap scarves. Our Airsilk Scarves are made out of 85% silk and 15% nylon. It is the perfect piece for your everyday wear --  airy, light and luxe.

     2. Outerwear 

Throw on an oversized blazer to get that ultra-cool look with our Rachel Blazer. You'll be good to go from meeting to dinner dates!

     3. Extender

We know it can get really annoying when it comes to wearing too many layers in our weather. And we have come up with a solution - our Detachable Shirt Extender! If your top is too short, or you just want to get that “layer look” without actually wearing an extra shirt underneath. 

     4. Turtleneck

Same concept with our Detachable Shirt Extender, the newly launched Tyra Detachable Turtleneck Top is just as versatile. Not to mention the extremely cooling fabric really made us fall in love even more!