Already waiting for the weekend? Heading into a new week can feel really heavy and we all relate to the post-weekend blues. Having a reset system is a simple way to ensure that your week flows efficiently. In this guide, we share a few practices you can try mid-week or even on the weekends for a pick me up! 

1. Do a physical & digital spring clean 

Cleaning can be one of the most therapeutic practices to help you feel like you’re starting fresh. Whether it’s folding laundry, wiping down countertops or organising your cluttered desktop folders, cleaning will give you a sense of calm, both physically and mentally.  


2. Pick your outfits 

There’s absolutely no harm in carving out some time to plan your outfits for the rest of the week. Dressing up even while WFH is an instant mood booster in our opinion and knowing that you’re going to be wearing something you feel confident and beautiful in will keep you looking forward to that morning routine! 


3. Weekly journaling

A vital part of a good reset system is also taking the time to reflect on the past week to better process all that’s happened, whether positive or negative. Journaling is an amazing way to do this and has been proven to shift your mood drastically.

Through journaling, you are able to prioritise conversations with yourself and feel more emotionally equipped to take on any situation the week may bring. The act of journaling might not come naturally to all of us but there are plenty of resources, prompts and even apps online that can guide you through this process.


4. Set weekly intentions & give gratitude 

Finally, practicing intention and gratitude can be a game changer when it comes to staying motivated before the weekend arrives. List down your 3 main intentions for the rest of the week as well as 3 things you’re grateful for. Read these lists every morning as they serve as a gentle reminder to stay focused on what you want and be grateful for everything you already have. 

  This week, I will -

  1. Minimise distractions and set time blocks to do deep work.
  2. Leave the office by 6pm.
  3. Go for a walk everyday at 7am.

   I am grateful for - 

  1. Being able to spend quality time with my family every evening.
  2. All the opportunities that have come my way.
  3. The really good cup of coffee I had this morning. 


The most important thing to remember is that your reset system is yours. Keep it simple or go big. As long as your system works for YOU, picking yourself up throughout the week won’t be so hard!