When it comes to shopping habits, we know we all can go overboard. Even the lockdown couldn’t stop us from spending on unnecessary things online. We know for a fact, we are all guilty of it… 

This week, we have compiled a number of ways we can try to be better with the way we shop (and save money on things we don’t actually need)!

  1. Prioritise Timeless and Classic Pieces

Fashion trends can be so much fun but it is much more worth it to invest in timeless and versatile pieces.

     2. Fix + Repair Clothing When You Can 

To extend their lives and get the most value from our clothes, we shall learn to fix them. There’s plenty of tutorials we can look for --  how to sew up holes, replace buttons and zippers. Take extra attention on the care label as certain clothes require extra care. This will definitely help in maintaining the quality of the clothes for much longer. 

     3. When You Can, Choose Quality Over Quantity

Sustainability means consuming less on things we don’t need, so we’ll contribute to less production waste. This also means that in the long term, you will increase your savings.

    4. Shop From Brands That Integrate Sustainability in All Aspects of Their Brand 

Try to shop more from sustainable brands. Not only do these brands produce limited pieces, they also have recyclable packaging or packaging made from recycled materials. Other than that, they also prioritise sustainable processes and materials in production as well as the employees’ well being.