It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year! 

If you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed by the task of getting all those secret santa presents and gifts for your loved ones, here’s your Hanya Christmas Gift Guide for this merry season! 

  1. Face Masks 

You really can’t go wrong with gifting masks this year. They’ve become a big part of our daily lives and are the most functional gifts. We’ve got an extensive range of masks to keep you and your loved ones safe and we’re sure you’ll be able to find a mask that suits anyone! 


      2. Detachable Sleeves in Cora or Cher 

What better time to go bold and glamorous than Christmas time? Our Cher and Cora detachable sleeves are exactly the thing that will take your Christmas and end of the year party outfits to the next level. Perfect for that *extra* friend who loves looking luxurious. 

       3. Airsilk Scarves

Once again, you can’t go wrong with something functional and practical. Our Airsilk scarves are light and airy; a gift your hijabi friends will be thanking you for for months to come!

      4. 8x Tangle No More Scrunchie Set 

Our silk scrunchies are a great gift for your friends who are haircare obsessed. With a total of 8 different coloured scrunchies in a set, they can also match their scrunchies with their outfits or face masks. Tip: Silk scrunchies are especially amazing gifts for your friends with curly hair who know the pain of untangling elastic hair ties all too well. 

      5. Pantone Scrunchie Set

For those who want that extra *poof*, our light as air dreamy pantone scrunchies are the prettiest hair accessory that can double as a way to create extra volume under your scarf or bun.

      6. Naomi bodysuit 

If you’ve got a loved one who’s all about the essentials, obsessed with neutrals and is always in a rush to get out the door, our Naomi bodysuit will meet all her needs. Subtle yet ultra stylish, these bodysuits are sure to be a staple in your friends’ outfit rotation. 

       7. You’re So Golden Card Game

If your loved one is a big fan of getting to know people and making meaningful connections, this card game will be perfect for them to bring to parties or for game night with family and friends. 

       8. Shirt Extender 

We love simple ways to elevate your outfits here at Hanya. Our detachable shirt extender can add a chic element to your outfit or can be a quick fix for a shirt that’s slightly too short for your liking. Amazing for layering even in sunny weather as it’s lightweight and comfortable. 

      9. Gift wrapping Service - Now Available!

Here’s something extra special we’ve come up with for you this special season! All the gifts mentioned in this guide are especially eligible to be gift wrapped with our limited edition Christmas wrapping paper! 

Before check out, just add that you would like your purchase to be wrapped and voila!, your Christmas presents - all done!