Tiny Wins

Picture a quiet moment in your bathtub, a self-love routine you have been putting off, in solitary you are left with your thoughts and the tears are finally allowed to run freely. It has been a rough week, month, year and you are allowing this little moment of vulnerability before you wipe away those tears, plaster a smile on your face, put on your “big-girl pants”, ready to face and battle another day. To some, this is simply a passing moment; inconsequential, but to others struggling with mental health this little win is monumental.

Mental health is an exercise - a muscle you have to build, to flex, to nurture and to consciously feed with love and in some cases medication. In conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Day that falls on the 10th of October, HANYA sheds a light on the importance of checking in on your mental health. 

This month Hanya collaborates with 2 artists to bring their own mental health battles to light; a Kuala Lumpur based visual artist focusing primarily on textile and mixed media collage - Nadia Nizamudin. And painter and ceramist, Worama Umpairat who goes by the pseudonym Mamolism based in Bangkok. They were both tasked with illustrating what mental clarity means to them when they are alone with their thoughts and presence. We also call them the solitary moments. HANYA has eternalized their artwork on a cropped sweater and pants set that is perfect for lounging in or your go-to armour to face all your daily battles.

Detachable Shirt Extender



  • Pure White
  • Off White
Netflix and Chill Sweater



  • Black
Self Love Padded Sweater Top



  • Black