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Hey Gurlll It's Baddie Moo!!

Moo is a fictional character that resides in Hanya Town. Whether it’s on our social media channels or website, Moo can be spotted with her acrylic hooves and varsity jacket (what a fashionista!) She is the main character in this campaign and the official party starter for our birthday this year.

Moo was a very iconic part of our Virtual Fashion Show we launched during Raya of 2022. She’s back and badder than ever as we step into the planet she resides, a disco ball planet called The Verse. In Hanya Town, on the corner of Celebrate and You Street, she’s painting the town pink as she struts down the street ready to show you all of our drops for our Birthday Bash collection.

In early 2020, Hanya launched our Upcycle Collection with a clear goal to do its part in aiming toward sustainability. Some of their past collections that have remained on the shelves and have experienced low sell-through rates (STR) are being given a second life, a second chance, and a second home. Since its inception, Hanya has launched 2 upcycle collections with rousing reactions from our customers. Along with our Birthday Bash collection, Hanya is released two new upcycled products - Upcycled Tree Corset and Upcycled Iris Top.

When two brands with the same values and purpose collide, it’s like a supernova in the galaxy where the universe aligns, and with it - a production of totally cute chunks and slides to adorn your feet! Hanya x Machino is a marriage of two local brands who share a love for locally handcrafted designs. The collection features 3 chunks and 2 slides. The signature Hana Machino flower can be seen in both the chunks and the slides in Hanya’s signature birthday colours.

Introducing The Shade ━ The Shade Collection is our first foray into lifestyle home goods. Handcrafted by a local artisan brand named Self Supply. Self Supply is a Malaysian-based brand that started in mid-July 2021, crafting handmade scented candles, concrete goods, and mosaic-tiled small decor furniture. We were first introduced to Self Supply as customers and now we are so excited to become collaborators. The Shade is designed by both Hanya & the Self Supply team and carefully crafted in Malaysia. The Shade body is made of tiles, concrete with a wooden base, layered with a tuft rug top for a fun color block look. Comes in 3 different colors - Clap back, Not today, and Bye Felicia.

How It All Started

disco ball

Quartz Collection

Lebaran 2019 saw Hanya release a line of occasion wear in tandem with the Eid celebration. The Quartz collection is inspired by the natural mineral stones found deep in the layers of the earth. This precious stone is used in many traditions as a self-healing remedy. As a strong believer in mental clarity, Hanya’s Raya collection symbolized the crystal clear head-strong state inspired by our customers themselves. This was our very first ever Raya collection and we were so humbled by how it was received even though Hanya was still a new brand at this time.

quartz col
disco ball
first upcycle
First Upcycle: Emily

In April of 2020, Hanya launched their first Upcycling Collection with a clear goal to do our park in aiming towards sustainability. Some of our past collections that have remained on the shelves and have experienced low sell-through rates (STR) are being given a second life, a second chance and a second home. We took these designs and revived it with added embellishments, improved enhancements or have completely rebirthed a new design all together so that these fabrics don’t end up being disposed of in burning landfills. This year the Hanya team also moved their HQ from Alor Setar, Kedah to KL. It was just the catalyst that we needed to truly scale the business into what it is today.

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Hanya Face Masks

This was the year the whole world was on lockdown and battling the pandemic and Hanya as a brand had to get creative in reaching our audience and providing them products that they’ll love as well as products that they need. This was the launch of our Essentials collection. Hanya first produced fabric facemasks and then broadened this category into disposable industry-graded facemasks. Keeping you safe is our hobby, and so Hanya delivered on this promise by ensuring we adapt to the World Health guidelines while still providing fashionable options. This is the year we also had our very first collaboration with Fuzana Mokhtaza, a local designer who is also Kedahan. We launched our Raya 202 collection with her.

face mask
disco ball
friends col
Friends Collection

2022 was all about giving back to our community and this was one of the reasons why we launched our Friends Program. The goal of the Friends program is to provide the platform for content creators to gain access to products and create posts, reels and videos surrounding the products. We invite them to explore their craft and creativity and even as a career avenue for them. To see the overflow of Friends signup was definitely a crowning achievement for us and we can’t wait to expand our community of Friends.

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