We all need our own staple pieces for our essential wardrobe. And believe us, there’s countless looks we could curate just by having these basics to work with.

  1. Good fitting Jeans

Denim is forever. A good fitting pair of blue denim jeans is super versatile. You can always dress it up with a fancy top and heels or dress it down with sneakers and a t-shirt.

      2. Plain Top

A simple plan top that we could insert in all of our looks. Tank top is actually the perfect piece for it because we can easily layer it up with a blazer or throw on a pair of sweats [depending on your mood] and still look amazing. Our Naomi Halter Bodysuit is a timeless bodysuit that actually fits you like a glove. Available now in black and white.

       3. Statement Blazer 

We all can agree how a statement blazer truly elevates your whole look and brings it on another level. Meeting with clients? Grab your blazer. It’s chilly outside? Grab a blazer. A put-together dinner look? Throw on your blazer.

See, a blazer can really solve anything!

       4. Your Everyday Biker Shorts

Something so simple and comfortable but can be adapted for different looks or moods? Sign us up! A biker shorts is so easily adaptable and can be used for everything -- from working out, lounging at home to a laid back day out.  

       5. Matching Face Masks

Honestly, what’s better than having a matching, colour coordinated look? Face masks have become an “accessory” to all of us. Why not look good in it too? Switch it up, have fun with colours and stay protected in our Basic Face Masks and Embroidery Face Masks that come in a variety of colours