We know things haven’t been easy lately. Big companies are struggling, small startups are crumbling. Now more than ever, we need to shop local and show our support for the community - to remind ourselves that we can get through this together. 

August is here, and we think this is the perfect time for us to show some love for our people. Here, we compiled a few reasons why we all should shop locally and give extra support to small local businesses [while giving you some excuses to grab whatever you’ve been wanting from your favourite local brand].

  1. To show that you care

Showing support even if through reposting their accounts on social media without making a purchase, it still shows that YOU care. And believe it or not, it means a lot to businesses, especially small businesses. So, try to share more posts of your favourite local businesses - it can be anything; food, beauty, fashion! 

      2. Made with love

The products from small businesses are made with love and oftentimes, hand made. This results in you getting unique products that you won’t get elsewhere.

      3. Go green!

Did you know buying local can help to reduce your overall carbon emissions? Less travelling, minimise transportations and of course, better for the environment. 

      4. Word of Mouth

We know not this may not be the right time to shop for unnecessary items. And that is okay! Even talking about it to friends and family or sharing about the brands could bring more attention to these homegrown brands.